A corporation formed in 1995 by veterans of the Supercomputer industry. Its current mission is to bring to the marketplace the technical expertise of its principals.

Supersmith embodies expertise and experience of unmatched quality. With roots in the past of traditional High Performance Computing (HPC), Supersmith’s expertise branches into today’s most modern pathways. While still a young company, the experience at Supersmith spans four decades. The principals of Supersmith have been involved with HPC their entire professional careers.

Our experience encompasses HPC in all it’s phases - vendor, purchaser, and user viewpoints - we understand them all. We have HPC software engineering expertise in Operating Systems, Networking, Compilers, Languages, Performance Analysis, and more. We have worked in a variety of diverse environments on a truly global scale. We are happy to integrate ourselves into your unique workspace. Supersmith can bring it’s vast reservoir of knowledge to help solve your most vexing problems.

Offering our services outside traditional employment structures, Supersmith brings a new capability to the HPC community. Small and medium organizations can now access world class HPC expertise. Larger groups now have access to greater flexibility and the associated cost savings.

We can help with: New HPC hardware bring-up; New HPC hardware installations; Getting the most out of your HPC machinery; Defining the HPC User Software environment; HPC Benchmarking; HPC Software Development; HPC Application Porting and Optimization; HPC User Support; Firefighting

How can Supersmith work with my group?

Supersmith is very flexible with it’s working arrangements. We are happy to accept performance-based contracts. Please contact us via email as described by clicking here.

What is Supersmith?